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Expert Witness Court Reports

Greg has provided numerous reports for court hearings where decisions have been made with regard to the future welfare of children. Consequently, over the past 20 years he has also attended court to present evidence and to be cross-examined on many occasions. For the past five and a half years he has also acted as an Expert Witness in cases where parental substance misuse was an issue. Previously, during his time at Leeds Addiction Unit he taught on two family and substance misuse related modules for Leeds University courses.

Greg offers Court Reports in relation to:

  • Care Proceedings where parental substance misuse is an issue
  • Care Proceedings following child protection investigations when removal or rehabilitation of a child (or children) is being considered
  • Immigration Proceedings
  • Stuck Cases - where the parties and / or the courts appear 'gridlocked'
  • Contested Contact Cases

EXPERT WITNESS: Risk Assessments Relating to Concerns About Child Abuse 

Mr Greg Vinnicombe is a recognised and accredited Expert Witness in child care cases. Over the past seven years he has been commissioned and provided over 80 Expert Witness reports to different courts in this role.  He holds a Masters Degree in Child Protection and is a qualified social worker with 25 years of post-qualifying experience as a children and families caseworker and manager. In his last salaried role he acted for four years as a Clinical Manager of a Pregnancy and Parenting Team at an internationally renowned organisation.

Within all of these roles, Mr Vinnicombe engaged in both clinical and field work on a daily basis where he conducted numerous assessments and interventions with adults and children where there were child protection concerns including: neglect, physical, emotional, psychological and sexual abuse. Also, as part of a multi-agency project, for three years he conducted assessments and interventions with men convicted of sexually abusing children.

Further information about the approach I use is contained below

Court Briefing.pdf

Signs of Safety Briefing Paper v1-03.pdf

Signs of Safety Briefing Paper v 2-2.pdf 

Solution-Focused Judging Benchbook (King 2009)

EXPERT WITNESS: Parental Substance Misuse

Mr Greg Vinnicombe is a recognised and accredited Expert Witness in child care cases where Parental Substance Misuse is a possible concern. Over the past 9 years he has been commissioned and provided over 80 Expert Witness reports to different courts in this role.  

He holds a Masters Degree in Child Protection and has four years experience of acting as a Clinical Team Manager at an internationally renowned substance misuse service. Within this role, Mr Vinnicombe engaged in clinical work on a daily basis where he acted as the keyworker - conducting numerous assessments and interventions - with adult patients who presented with difficulties arising from their misuse of a variety of illicit substances and alcohol. Many of these patients were also parents and Mr Vinnicombe led the service’s Pregnancy and Parenting Team who specialised in working with families where children were at risk of, or had already been removed, from their parents care. Mr Vinnicombe also led and delivered two modules for Leeds University related to substance misuse in pregnancy and substance misuse by parents caring for children.

Costs (valid until 31 December 2015)

Typically the maximum cost for a single report is £2500+VAT and for a couple £4500+VAT. If the demands of the report entailed the cost was likely to exceed this I would raise the matter with the lead solicitor before proceeding.


Currently, I could begin the assessment as soon as I receive the letter of instruction and submit an initial assessment report within 4 weeks following this. If required, an addendum report on progress (or otherwise) would be submitted at a later date as set by the court. Both the initial and addendum report would be included in the costs set above.

Letter of Instruction

My role as Expert Witness in Parental Substance Misuse, hourly rate and payment within 8 weeks of submission of the final report and invoice should be included in the letter of instruction.

Please contact me again if there is anything else you require.

Expert Witness: OTHER

Greg also has a wide range of experience and qualifications relating to children, familes and couples work. Consequently, he has been commissioned as an Expert Witness in several areas including Disputed Contact, Domestic Abuse and Immigration proceedings. You are always welcome to contact Greg to discuss your circumstances further.


"We have used Greg on several occasions to obtain pieces of work and reports within family cases that have been before the courts. Greg has fantastic communication skills both verbal and written, he can gain the trust of clients speedily and assist clients in re looking at situations especially where there is conflict. By adopting the solution focused approach it can assist a family case greatly in looking at a situation a fresh and finding positive ways forward in resolving family disputes. We have no hesitation at all in recommending Greg for his impartiality, knowledge and commitment within this area."

S Wilmot LLB
Family Department at Harehills and Chapeltown Law Centre

I have instructed Mr Vinnicombe recently with particular concern relating to substance misuse. The report was received within timetable and was clear & to the point. Mr Vinnicombe subsequently attended a professionals meeting and provided a helpful addendum report at short notice (at no extra charge to the original quote!)I would have no hesitation in recommending this expert and/or re-instructing myself in future matters.

K Kershaw LLB
Solicitor called 1992 children panel member/Resolution accredited specialist/practicing Family Mediator